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SolutionsX provides professional consultancy, business expertise, and software solutions to help clients reduce costs, manage risk, and leverage people, processes, and technology for competitive advantage. SolutionsX serves clients by bringing proven, real-world expertise to bear on complex business challenges.

The SolutionsX methodology is based on a holistic approach to your overall business, we are a business operations consulting firm first but have deep understanding of all functions within ERP allowing us to leverage that technology to streamline processes and provide real-time data for key management decisions.

We understand that everything is not a technology problem and that people and processes are critical to the success of any ERP implementation.Sometimes the process needs to change and other times the technology needs to be adapted to meet unique business requirements and to conform to industry best practices.. We are no longer in a all or nothing environment, lean manufacturing, business process optimization, and ERP must coexist for operations to be successful. Our value proposition relies on this philosophy as we are experts in all three areas

Software Solutions:

CADTalkCADTalk provides an integrated link between CAD and ERP to minimize data entry, reduce errors and keep ERP BOMs and CAD Drawings in sync. Will create operations, materials, jobs, and items all on the fly without manual entry. More Details…

ShopConnect allows a dynamic viewing of ERP shop dispatch reports. Functionality includes sorting, consolidation, color-coding, and custom expression builders. All in a web interface. Allowing dashboard viewing for material shortages, priority jobs, print revisions or ECN’s; almost limitless options. ShopConnect also has enhancement for clocking on/off jobs and printing paperwork and drawings, performing transactions within ERP and pulling data from any pre-existing database.

NestTalkNestTalk gives operators the ability to pick jobs to run based on the nesting software’s optimization of items as well as handle scrap material allocation back into ERP; including yields and scrap factors based on actual material usage. Integration with nesting optimization software for lasers, water jets, punch presses and routers. Can be seamless hands-free integration or middle interface for dynamic changes on the floor.

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