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The one corporate asset, which does not usually appear as a line item on the corporate balance sheet, is information. Rather, its presence and value are reflected in various operating statements. Good business acumen on the part of management, along with viable data-transformed into quality information-are the primary ingredient, along for sound business decision-making. Ultimately, this results in improved ability of a corporation to successfully compete in the marketplace.  


The dimensions of accuracy, availability, accessibility, and timeliness measure information quality. When degradation occurs in one or more of these, it indicates the debilitation of the corporate ability to support its decision making process or taking advantage of market opportunities. The decision to upgrade and integrate the information infrastructure becomes inevitable.

The path to a new business information system is one not frequently traveled by most businesses. To dramatically reduce the risk and accelerate their planned paybacks, those who decide to travel it find it valuable to have professionals guide them as quickly and safely as possible to their new information system.


The Software Needs Analysis questionnaire asks candid questions about very common and all too familiar operations failures. These operational issues are generally key indicators your current software system is failing. It does not matter if your current system is an ERP, manufacturing, distribution, or accounting package. The pains of ineffective software are fairly universal. 

CSI follows a successfully proven implementation methodology that allows businesses to quickly reap the benefits of the powerful SYSPRO solution and to achieve renewed operational effectiveness. 

Any system is only as useful as the person operating it. Quality education and training is a priority for us and our customers. We formulate the most effective training plan for your users by targeting your specific needs combining classroom, on-site and online training. 

Throughout the training process users have access to the SYSPRO software. This allows the users to practice in the exact system – with your own specific settings and   data that the users will eventually be working with.

At CSI, we are committed to our customers and the level of service and attention they receive. We continually strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and treat them as part of the “CSI Family.” We look forward to all your comments and suggestions in order to maintain our high level of customer service.

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