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SYSPRO Distribution suite will assist you to manage all aspects of your inventory. This functionality helps you simplify your processes and become more efficient. SYSPRO will help streamline shipping processes by providing seamless integration with manifest applications like UPS Worldship, and FedEx Ship Manager, or Starship by vTechnologies. SYSPRO centralizes your data so you are able to view key aspects of your system from ONE screen, instead of two or three. And with modules like Collect and  RiteScan you can provide your warehouse workers with hand-held devices to streamline data entry, making data real-time which results in better informed decisions.

Key Features

Inventory Optimization And Planning

The Inventory Optimization module is a powerful, real-time tool that will help you quickly see planned inventory levels. The Optimization module provides tools to model what-if scenarios, which help in determining more intelligent lead times, order frequencies and service level targets. More importantly the Optimization module helps to determine where and why actual inventory and projections are not in balance and the best way to bring it into balance. The bottom line is this module will help you in becoming more efficient with your inventory and planning process.

Return Merchandise Authorization

Returns are one of those business processes that we all would rather not have to deal with. However, with SYSPRO we can provide you with the tools to simplify the tracking and processing of returns and at the end of the day SYSPRO can help you figure out why customers are returning product.

Trade Promotions

If you are like most companies you are probably tracking these promotions manually in a spreadsheet or you are spending hours, if not days, trying to reconcile these at the end of them month. Good news, with SYSPRO’s Trade Promotion Management you can simplify your life and save yourself several hours or days per month. SYSPRO’s Trade Promotions will track promotions, special offers and rebates that are offered to customers.

Integration With Ups Worldship Or Fedex Ship Manager

Shipping UPS or FedEx is almost standard among most companies today. We can help you streamline your shipping process, regardless if you ship by truck, UPS, FedEx, USPS or some other carrier we can help automate your shipping process. We can do this because we make available to you a variety of tools that can meet your specific need at a price you can afford.

Bol’s, Packing Lists And Other Shipping Forms

It seems that in this day-and-age there are more shipping documents and paper-work that need to be filled out, which reduces the warehouse efficiency ultimately costing you money. We have been successful in automating many of our customer’s shipping documents saving our clients time and money by increasing their warehouse efficiency and accuracy, and we believe we can do the same for you.

Barcodes And Labels

The ability to generate barcodes and bar-coded labels has become more of a requirement. Out-of-the-box SYSPRO has the ability to generate a variety of barcodes, making it so your processes can run more efficiently.

Warehouse Automation

Inaccurate shipments or incorrect invoicing can be costly mistakes besides the fact that it can reflect poorly on your company image. We support warehouse automation. The Collect and RiteScan software will help the warehouse accurately and efficiently process shipments saving you from those costly shipping mistakes. Accounting will only need to review the invoices making for quicker invoicing of shipments and providing your company with better cash flow.


As we become more and more of a global economy transacting in different currencies/languages almost becomes a requirement. SYSPRO provides the ability to transact in a variety of currencies from Sales, to cash receipts, to paying vendors, SYSPRO can handle all your mutli-currency/multi-language needs.

Physical Count Processing

Counting Inventory is one of those jobs in life that we would rather not have to do, but unfortunately it must be done. CSI and SYSPRO provide you with a variety of tools and expertise that will help in reducing the pain of processing physical counts. We have helped our customers setting up cycle counts, importing of counts, or automating the count process by providing solutions that allow the counters to scan the count quantities by using a barcode scanner. Whatever your requirements are we can help you.

Commission Tracking

Commissions can definitely take on a life of their own and usually do. With SYSPRO and the expertise and experience of CSI we can help you track your commissions accurately and efficiently, saving you time.

Material Yield System

Provides manufactures and distributors with the ability to maximize yields, minimize waste, and return tracked remnants to inventory. If you sell materials according to customer-specific dimensional requirements then with SYSPRO we can help alleviate the inventory headaches you may be dealing with.

B2B Trading (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange)

SYSPRO provides an out-of-the-box EDI interface providing you the ability to send and receive data with your trading partners without needing to purchase expensive third-party solutions.


  • Inventory
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Return to Vendor
  • Product Configurator
  • Starship Parcel
  • Starship Freight
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Landed Cost Tracking
  • Counter Sales/Point of Sale (POS)
  • Sales Analysis
  • SYSPRO Interface/B2B Trading (EDI)
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Material Yield System
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