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SYSPRO offers the dynamic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)CRM2 functionalities that companies need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.  By empowering companies to collect, analyze and utilize data to enhance customer relationships, the system becomes the foundation of a customer-based strategy to increase revenues, profitability and maximize ROI.


Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Data entered into the system is available throughout the “front-office” CRM and “back-office” ERP modules. Duplicate data entry is eliminated, reducing unnecessary costs. Transactions can be initiated from either CRM or ERP screens to increase operational effectiveness.

Flexible Customization
Easy customization of CRM software enables:
  • Unlimited user-defined fields and configurable templates
  • MS SQL Server back-end
  • Creation of user-defined forms, folders and views
  • Incorporating telemarketing scripts
  • Tracking horizontal and vertical account relationships
  • Linking activities and tasks to individuals as well as related accounts
  • Modeling complex business processes with the unique Process Definition Language
  • Quick and Easy design of company specific templates with Rapid Application Development and Deployment (RADD) technology

Marketing Dashboard

The system also facilitates the easy management of customized marketing campaigns, ensuring that budgets are tracked and campaign expenses result in new sales opportunities. A marketing department dashboard provides the tools for establishing and executing effective, focused marketing campaigns.

Automated Marketing Process

The automation of business processes filters and enhances prospect and sales pipeline information and facilitates the efficient collection, qualification and conversion of leads into sales. Leads can be automatically categorized, assigned and expedited, allowing for effective tracking from inception to sale.

Marketing Metrics

The system enables a marketing department to gauge the success of marketing campaigns by tracking activities, costs and results of the campaigns. Metrics are automatically extracted from direct mail, trade shows, internet pages and other campaigns and presented as useful decision-support management information.

Service Tools

Built-in routing and escalation are designed to deliver tasks to the most qualified personnel and maximize response. Service tickets can be optionally assigned to shared work queues rather than specific users. Calls can be distributed based on workload and availability for more efficient call distribution.

Complete Customer Service

The Service Department dashboard provides the means for establishing account-specific service level agreements, service tickets, defect tracking and warranty program tracking.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Contacts, appointments and emails are integrated into Microsoft Outlook in real-time. Bi-directional synchronization facilitates ease-of-use and remote access to data.

Versions Available –
  • SYSPRO Contact Management
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