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Increased government regulation and business requirements create a more complex business environment and add that to the ever-increasing challenge of getting users to comply with company processes and procedures. SYSPRO has developed tools to help companies like yourself to help manage and streamline these ever changing requirements, helping you to work smarter not harder. If that is something you are interested in, then give us a call and we would be happy to show you how SYSPRO is simply smarter.

Key Features

Workflow Services

SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) enables you to streamline end-to-end business process, as well as create efficient interaction between SYSPRO and external applications. This workflow management system gives users the capability of designing, orchestrating, managing and enabling business processes through a fluid and easy to use user-interface; thus allowing greater clarity, transparency and integration throughout the organization’s business processes.

Process Modeling

SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM) is a personalized baseline model integrating customer requirements and SYSPRO software. SPM provides you with a model-driven architecture that supports management by aligning IT with company strategy, business objectives and sustainability; as well as providing a transparent view of your uniquely modeled processes and organizational roles!

Available Process Management Modules

  • SYSPRO Workflow Services
  • SYSPRO Process Modeling
  • SYSPRO Enterprise Analysis and Modeling
Strategic Innovative Design

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