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SYSPRO ERP is one the most innovative and complete Manufacturing and Distribution ERP software packages on the market today. SYSPRO ERP is a fully integrated business software solution that provides complete control over the planning and management of all facets of business including accounting, manufacturing and distribution operations in a variety of industries.


Power Tailoring

SYSPRO’s fluid interface design and power-tailored solutions provide a greater level of personalization, giving you control over the look and feel of the user interface, along with the ability to incorporate external data into SYSPRO. The result is a highly configurable system designed to adapt and change as your requirements evolve. SYSPRO can be customized at many levels, ranging from simple personalization through translating field descriptions to writing your own user interface and workflows.


The term ‘customization’ has negative connotations, but SYSPRO ERP provides a number of tools that allow you to customize the software to meet your business needs, while maintaining Version Independence. Customizations can be built using Microsoft .NET, VBscripting, XAML, Web Services or SYSPRO’s own application foundation.

Business Intelligence

SYSPRO’s Executive Dashboards provide businesse owners and executives with a visual presentation of real-time data in their ERP solution. The business process management and what-if analysis tools enable executives to gain a strategic advantage by leveraging their ERP investment.

Syspro Workflow Services (SWS)

Workflow Services enables you to streamline end-to-end business process, as well as create efficient interaction between SYSPRO and external applications!

Inventory Optimization (IO)

Many ERP systems say they will help you optimize your inventory, but they often fall short with 3rd party solutions that don’t integrate well. SYSPRO’s built-in Inventory Optimization Suite provides decision makers the toolsets to understand the root causes of shortages, overstock, etc., and the parameters that cause these problems.

Lot and Serial Traceability

Lot/Serial traceability enables you to maximize quality control through the tracking and replacement of any defective materials. It caters for the tracking of materials through their receipt, manufacture, assembly, inspection, stocking and final distribution, while maintaining quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates. It also manages product recalls efficiently and effectively.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

SYSPRO’s WMS is a new fully integrated module release and will be available throughout the life cycle of SYSPRO 6.1. Capabilities include sequence picking, wave picking, bin location management, pallet tracking, and much more! Stay tuned, as this exciting module rolls out.

Engineering Change Control

SYSPRO Engineering Change Control helps you improve the management of engineering changes to your products and/or associated data. This is achieved through user-defined workflow, steps and processes and can augment or replace the paper trail that usually accompanies any changes to product design data. The archiving facility enables retrieval and production of prior revisions/releases.

Contact Management

SYSPRO Contact Management allows you to define and manage a rich set of information about the people with whom you do business as well as between individuals within your organization. These can range from customers to suppliers, prospects, sister companies, consultants and competitors.  All contacts and communications with contacts can be recorded and access as required, thereby empowering an organization to provide a high level of customer service with minimal effort.

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